What Is the Difference Between 115 Grain & 124 Grain 9MM Ammo?

What Is the Difference Between 115 Grain & 124 Grain 9MM Ammo?

10th Aug 2022

Not sure whether or not the 115 grain or the 124 grain ammunition is the better choice for your 9mm?

At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be much of a difference. The size and shape of the bullets are the same, and there’s a different number on the bottom of the casing, but the 124 grain is slightly heavier.

This 9 grain difference means a world of difference when it comes to accuracy, movement of the bullet, and recoil of the gun, so it’s important to experiment with both to see which one is more comfortable for you.

115 Grain vs. 124 Grain: Weight

The higher the grain count, the more the weight in the bullet. While 9 grains may not seem like much, it’s enough to significantly change how the gun handles and your ability to hit your target.

115 Grain vs. 124 Grain: 9mm Accuracy

Everyone is different, but many people report that the heavier bullet helps them gain greater accuracy with their 9mm weapon. They say that the 124 grain is their preference for this reason.

However, in terms of physics, the answer to this question may depend on how far you are from your target. Heavier objects tend to dip down toward the ground more quickly than lighter ones, so all other things being equal, the 124 gr bullet will begin to dip down and away from the target sooner than the 115 gr bullet.

Thus, if you are farther from your target, the 115 grain bullet may help you improve your accuracy.

115 Grain vs. 124 Grain: Recoil in the 9mm

The weight of the bullet also impacts the amount of recoil in the gun. Another principle of physics, more force is needed to propel heavy objects compared to light objects. Thus, it takes more force for the gun to eject the 124 grain bullet, and in response, there is a heavier recoil.

Is it significant enough to be an issue? That depends on the shooter. Many people say they prefer the 124 grain bullet despite the heavier recoil because they feel that it gives them more accuracy and a more solid shot.

It’s important to note that just as there is more force in the recoil after shooting the 124 grain bullet, there is greater force in the bullet and therefore greater damage done when it hits the target compared to the lighter bullet. This, too, may factor into many people’s preference for the heavier weight bullet.

Should I Choose the 115 Grain or the 124 Grain for My 9mm Ammo?

Come down to Delray Shooting Center and try them both out, so you can make an educated decision about which bullet works best for you.