What Is a Non-NFA Firearm?

What Is a Non-NFA Firearm?

10th Aug 2022

Federal and state laws work together to create a complex web of requirements for purchasing guns. These laws are designed to ensure that weapons do not legally fall into the hands of those who would use them to do harm to other people.

As such, there are different classifications of weapons that differentiate between weapons that are reasonable for uses like hunting or self-defense and those that are more likely to be used for criminal acts. These classifications require different fees, paperwork, waiting periods, training, and/or age limits to help protect the public.

There is often a big price jump between these different classifications as well. In many cases, the more difficult it is to obtain a firearm, the more expensive it is.

But before we can give a definitive list of “non-NFA firearms,” we have to talk about what the NFA is and its purpose.

What Does NFA Mean?

NFA stands for the National Firearms Act. Under this piece of federal legislation [26 U.S.C. 5845; 27 CFR 479.11], firearms that meet certain specifications were identified for regulation.

These firearms include any weapon that can be described as the following:

  • A shotgun with a barrel that measures less than 18 inches long
  • A rifled with a barrel that is less than 16 inches long
  • Any weapon that was made from a shotgun if it has been modified to be less than 26 inches or its barrel has been modified to be shorter than 18 inches long
  • Any weapon made from a rifle or modified that is less than 26 inches long in total or has a barrel that is less than 18 inches long.
  • A machine gun
  • A silencer
  • A destructive device

Note: State laws may further clarify these specifications or add a few of their own. While it is a good idea to understand the NFA and what it regulates, it is important to be familiar with state laws so that when you attempt to purchase a gun, you have the right paperwork and expectations of what that process will look like.

What Does Non-NFA Mean?

Non-NFA firearms are those that are not regulated per the list above under the National Firearms Act. In short, a non-NFA firearm will not be subject to the tax stamp requirements that come when purchasing a firearm regulated by the NFA.

Should I Buy a Non-NFA Weapon?

It depends on what type of weapon you want and what you want to use it for. In most cases, it is still possible to purchase a weapon regulated under the NFA, but it will require the payment of extra taxes, waiting periods, and background checks that take time.

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