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  • staccato c dpo right side view staccato c dpo left side view


    Product Description The carry gun you’ll want to shoot. Lightweight, compact, and fitted with optic-ready capability. When used in conjunction with the appropriate Staccato 2011® optic mounting plate (sold separately), the Staccato C is...

  • staccato c2 right side view staccato c2 left side view staccato c2 left side front view staccato c2 left side angled view

    Staccato C²

    Redefining the compact carry gun. With double-stack capacity and unprecedented accuracy, the C2 allows shooters to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a gun this size. The C2 has a variety of options for optics and barrels. The Staccato C2...

  • staccato dpo rmr sight set


    Dawson Precision® Optic (DPO) Tactical Reflex System for Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507C/508T Reflex Sights.  Co-witness height. Fits all Staccato DPO equipped pistols, will not fit other cuts. Requires .285" tall tactical front sight...

  • staccato p right side view staccato p left side view staccato p front ride side view staccato p front left side view staccato p grip right side view

    Staccato P 2021

    Built For Professionals EMBRACED BY HOME DEFENDERS The Staccato P is approved for duty by more than 325 law enforcement agencies and carried by elite units like the Texas Rangers and the US Marshals Special Operations Group, as well as thousands of...

  • staccato p dpo with optic left side view staccato p dpo left side view staccato p dpo front right staccato p dpo front left

    Staccato P DPO 2021

    Built for professionals and embraced by home defenders, the Staccato P is approved for duty by over 325 law enforcement agencies across the country (e.g. Houston Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Texas Rangers) and carried by...

  • staccato r right side view

    Staccato R

    STACCATO - R $1,999 Barrel - 5.0 inch Bushing Barrel Finish - Diamond Like Carbon, Black Magazines - 3x Single Stack Government Size with Base Pad Trigger - 2.5 lbs with Ambi Safety Levers Front - Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Rear - STI Adjustable...

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