Store FAQ

Where are staccato guns made?


  • Staccato handguns are made in Georgetown, Texas


Are all sales final?


  • All sales are final with rare exceptions. 30% restocking fee may apply depending on circumstance.


What states does Delray Shooting Center NOT ship too?


  • Delray Shooting Center ships to every state in the USA, as long as all items are legal to own in the destination state, and follows all laws regarding ammunition and accessory sales. It is the customers responsibility to know the laws of the restrictive states they reside in, such as California, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado or any other state with capacity, materials or feature restrictions. If your dealer is unwilling to accept the Transfer responsibility solely lies on the customer for the outcome.


How fast does the order ship after purchase?


  • Firearm orders are dependent on how quickly the receiving FFL is able to provide us with a copy of their License, but typically will ship within 1-3 standard business days from the date of purchase. We utilize an FFL finder app to better assist customers to find their desired or particular FFL, but the physical copy is still needed from the receiving Dealer. Customers are more than welcome to provide their Dealers FFL by emailing it to [email protected]. If sending a copy of the License please ensure it is valid and that the dealer is willing to accept the transfer.

  • Accessory/Optic orders will only ship to the billing address and can take up to 2 weeks to ship. Orders utilizing a non-matching shipping address for accessories or optics can be subject to immediate cancellation or significantly delayed.

  • In store pick orders for firearms require a 5 standard business day wait from the date of purchase, unless the customer has a valid Florida concealed weapons license. A $5 “handling fee” denoted on the website covers the NICS/background check fee associated with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

  • Optics/Accessory orders can be picked up immediately with proper identification.


What type of address do I need to provide in order to purchase?


  • A valid billing address is needed to complete your order. It is possible that if the address with the order differs from the address on the customer's identification, the receiving dealer may need additional documentation to complete the order.

  • In store pick up orders billing addresses need to match the address on customers current/valid identification or additional information will be needed and pick up can be delayed.